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Leveraging 43 years of expertise, where we serve as dedicated partners in navigating the ever-evolving technology terrain,rather than merely offering conventional IT consulting services.

“Although we are a large multi-national corporation, Cii has provided valuable resources and expertise to our company on several technology issues critical to the success of our business. Their ability to work independently from our internal technology team has been tremendously helpful.”
Greg Old
Greg Old, IT Director
Flextronics International

There's a Problem with the Way Most IT Companies Deliver Cloud Services


Moving to the cloud is typically a lateral price move with more predictable costs than working with local hardware. Pricing is straightforward + predictable. Comparing your Total Cost of Ownership of managing your IT department + buying hardware, with the advantages of increased productivity, 99.8% up time, + reduced support ticket volume by 70%. You’ll see how cost-effective hosted infrastructure really is!


The best in business-continuity, and built-in enterprise-level encryption, cyber security tools, compliance + confidential-information requirements, and of course, redundant back-ups. Fear ransomware no more. Vulnerabilities of physical equipment, like hardware failure, lightning, fire, flood, or theft, are gone. No worrying about business interruptions – 99.8% Uptime.


Single ‘pane-of-glass’ command console. Manage users + their data access through our simple web interface.  Take control of your environment for unrivaled transparency. All software licenses are centralized for visibility + compliance w/ licensing guidelines. Costs are controlled too, with predictable monthly fees. No more unexpected capital expenditures for equipment.

A transformational solution, simplifying working with data + applications. Experience the highest level of security + business continuity.

Access your business resources from anywhere, anytime, + from any device. exercitation.

  • No technology limits for you. GO after ‘BIG’ projects/clients. Power + scale when you need it.
  • Hire away, from anywhere, knowing your infrastructure will grow with you.
  • Microsoft’s world class data centers gives complete compliance and resilience
  • Includes our ‘best-of-breed’ security suite, providing layered security, protecting from ever increasing + sophisticated threats.

has provide tech support + software development globally. 

FREE consultations to help guide you on the latest best practices and threat avoidance. WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT SECURITY!

Since 2018, Cii has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in providing their expertise and support to Rivercrest Realty Investors, LLC. Their team’s knowledge and proactive approach have been instrumental in navigating the evolving landscape of IT services.

Cii’s reliability and innovative solutions with cloud service management has allowed us to focus on our core business, knowing that our IT infrastructure is in capable hands. We appreciate the partnership we have with Cii and look forward to continuing our successful relationship with them in the future.

Cece McAgy

IT Director

Access Anywhere, Any Time, + From Any Device

Business interruption + downtime are minimized

  • 99.8% Up-Time
  • Our layered Security + Geo-Redundant Back ups, eliminate Ransomware anxiety.
  • Empower remote teams
  • Encourage collaboration securely + seamlessly
  • Adding new offices + growing your firm is built-in
  • Minimize downtime/business interruption
  • Disaster recovery becomes something you’re prepared for
  • Migrations are performed in the background, and are seamless to the user

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  • 40+ years supporting & keeping businesses technology safe, est.1981, Raleigh, NC

  • 30+ years developing accounting and auditing software for global firms

  • 20+ years Microsoft Digital Partner

  • 10+ years Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner


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