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Chris Allen


Kristin Stewart


Mike Taylor


Brian Allen

Senior Sales Executive

Cii Advantages

Because we’re a 20+ year Microsoft Partner, we receive pre-releases of software + solutions, which we evaluate before making recommendations to our clients. We’ve been working with the Microsoft Azure platform since its introduction in 2010, code-named “Red Dog”.

Three decades of experience with global firms profoundly qualifies Cii, we understand security and compliance.

You will have a long-term partner in us. We value and treat our clients fairly, and we are responsive. No AI bots here, you’ll talk to engineers and specialists who are involved in your unique situation.

With our profoundly experienced technicians and engineers, and Cii’s clients experiencing very few problems, you get a winning combination.

Decades of experience can save you headaches, while providing a significant leg-up your competition.

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If you have two similarly priced choices to achieve the same goal,
but one increases productivity, is there really a decision?