Cloud for engineering

Cii specializes in working with engineering firms

From AutoCAD to Lumion, our proven, secure, + powerful ready-to-go cloud solution is an easy choice

Power Users Love It!

Power + Control

When you need more computing power, you need it now! You can increase your computing power quickly + easily, and you can reduce it when you don’t – controlling cost.


This is typically a lateral price move, with all the added benefits built-in: Enterprise grade security, meet compliance regs, 99.8% uptime, + your business data protected in multiple ways. 

Remote + Growing Teams

Add or Remove users and permissions instantly.

Moving + Satellite Offices

Just add users + move your computers – that’s it!

All Tools Work Seamlessly

From AutoCAD LT to Lumion the experience is world class. This is not the ‘old’ cloud experience.

Get Off the Hardware Hamster Wheel

Don’t buy expensive workstations + servers. Why build a ‘mini’ data center, wastingresources. Ditch the server closet.

All 24/7/365 Access

Boost productivity + efficiency for your firm w/ 99.8% Up-Time

World Class Safety + Security.

No More Worrying about

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Ransomware

  • Downtime

  • Physical Vulnerabilities: lightning strikes, fire, flood, or theft
  • Expired warranties
  • Unbudgeted capital expenditures
  • Managing a remote workforce or office

Your Experience

  • White-Glove Data Migration
  • Set up is in-parallel and in the background. so there is almost zero downtime
  • A live-person to speak with at our offices
  • Your technology becomes as automatic as turning on the lights

Proof of Concept

We know it's a big decision, so here is a small one

When the trial is over, we can have you in full production in days, not weeks!

5 users from anywhere

30 days

Multiple weekly check-ins

Cii absorbs initial set up w/ commitment

Talk to us

If you have two similarly priced choices to achieve the same goal, but one improves  productivity, is there really a choice?