We specialize in working with Engineering Firms

We understand what is important to Engineers

A powerful powerful work environment

Scalability – to be able to safely scale up for large projects

Client information – protect confidential information

Trade secrets – keep them just that, secret

Secure + convenient collaboration – remote teams can work together in a safe + protected environment

World Class Safety + Security.

  • Enterprise level encryption
  • Built-In Backups
  • 99.8% Up Time
  • Layered Security Protocols

Cloud for Business Services

  • Microsoft Server + Workstation cloud licensing
  • Office 365 licenses
  • Microsoft RD App + browser cloud desktop access
  • Automation + Management Portal licensing
  • Secure Web Filter
  • Microsoft Security Update Patching
  • Azure Usage Audits
  • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Security + Alert Monitoring

No More Worrying about

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Ransomware

  • Downtime

  • Physical Vulnerabilities: lightning strikes, fire, flood, or theft
  • Expired warranties
  • Unbudgeted capital expenditures

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If you have two similarly priced options to achieve the same goal, but one increases productivity, is there really a choice?