Streamline Your Firm

Focus on what's important, your business, not your IT Technology

Outsourcing your IT to a team of experts let’s you:

Simplify application + data access with a one-click login experience.

Make efficient remote and hybrid work a reality.

Get unmatched reliability + performance.

Simplify + optimize your engineering firm with our Cii’s Command Console, the most convenient + powerful way to manage your workflow.

Streamlining your firm has never been easier

Our simple, secure, + powerful ready-to-go cloud solution is an easy choice


Safety first!

World Class Safety + Security.

Enterprise level encryption

Built-In Backups

99.8% Up Time

Layered Security Protocols

Zero Trust Architecture

No More Worrying about

Disaster Recovery



Physical Vulnerabilities: lightning strikes, fire, flood, or theft

Expired warranties

Unbudgeted capital expenditures

Disaster Recovery

Frequently asked questions

Moving your firm to the cloud is typically a lateral price move, but with all the advantages and the elimination of all the physical vulnerabilities of owning, maintaining, fixing, and replacing hardware and equipment. Not to mention the increased productivity from the 99.8% uptime, convenience, scalability, and flexibility.

When you need it, more computing power is allocated to you. After “the big project” has been successfully met, your configuration is automatically returned to it’s original configuration.

Not a problem. Simply create profiles for your new team members.

Grab your device, go there, and log into your workspace. Working in the cloud is transformational in the way people think about their infrastructure!

Both! In fact, any device will do. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection.

In addition to the built-in backs ups and redundancy from Microsoft, we add third party back ups, and you can have physical back ups on your premises.

The answer is simple. All you need to be back up and running is a reliable internet connection. You could work from home, share a hotspot on a cell phone, or it could even be a public Wi-Fi because your connection has enterprise level encryption.

With compute thresholds on the cloud servers, if they are exceeded more computing power is allocated for you automatically. You’ll have a incredibly powerful and flexible IT infrastructure.

Cii Advantages

Because we’re 20+ year Microsoft Partners, we receive pre-releases of software, which we evaluate before making recommendations to our clients. We’ve been working with the Microsoft Azure platform since its introduction in 2012, code-named “Red Dog”.

Three decades of experience with global firms profoundly qualifies Cii, we understand security and compliance.

You will have a long-term partner in us. We value and treat our clients fairly, and we are responsive. No AI bots here, you’ll talk to engineers and specialists who are involved in your unique situation.

With our profoundly experienced technicians and engineers, and Cii’s clients experiencing very few problems, you get a winning combination.

For example, the onboarding process is painless for cloud-based virtual desktop services. There is no business interruption during the onboarding process. An ‘army’ does not descend upon your business, wreaking havoc. We make it easy with our 30-Day Challenge.